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Can Non-Indigenous people wear our earrings?

Can Non-Indigenous people wear our merch?

We get this question a lot, so we're really glad you're here.

We make our pieces for everybody to wear and celebrate! We create our earrings with our mob in our heart and everyone in our mind. So, by all means rock our earrings, we love nothing more.


Purchasing and wearing merchandise such as jewelry, clothing and tote bags from Aboriginal businesses is one really practical way allies can support the Indigenous Community. 


We love this Introductory Guide from @blakbusiness...

The reality is that there are lots of deadly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and creators which we as a community accounting for only 3% of the Australian population, cannot feasibly support without allies. Many Indigenous businesses and creators create their merchandise for the general population and take pride in seeing their goods being celebrated and worn throughout society by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. 

However, this also begs the question: Is it ok for non-Indigenous people to wear Indigenous merch? Indigenous merchandise worn by non-Indigenous people provides representation for our Community. In this way, Indigenous-made merchandise worn by non-Indigenous people may act as a conversation start in spaces where conversations about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and affairs many not have previously occurred. For this reason, it is important that allies know who they're buying from and what the merchandise is about.


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