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The Koorie Circle Origin Poem

The story of how the Koorie Circle evolved is both personal and dear to my heart,
It become an accidental business while expressing myself through art.
But so much more than a business or be it financial gain,
The Koorie Circle invites and opportunity for sharing and connecting a unique and cultural way.
I never imagined a pair of earrings could make me feel excited,
Or that making them with women would make them feel united.
Different patterns, different colours each pair have a meaning of their own,
Connecting women through story and random gifts, whom they once may never have known.
Sometimes worn to feel more glamourous, or an expression of culture and pride,
Then there’s the bad hair and old tracky pants days that only your favourite pair can hide.
There are the Bunjils, campfires, boomerangs and shields to name a few,
Meeting places or our deadly flag guaranteed to inspire you.
The Koorie Circle has helped me to share with others and allowed me in turn to receive,
The different designs evoking personal stories and inviting a moment to grieve.
So, when my spirit is feeling down and the world is lacking in passion,
I go to my earrings and select from my heart because they have become so more than fashion.
The Koorie Circle has inspired me to help other women to discover their full potential and worth,
Because who would have thought that a pair of wooden earrings would have become The Koorie Circle’s birth.
Written by 
Joanne Dwyer