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Free The Flag

The Koorie Circle received a cease and desist notice from Gifts Mate to stop selling the our Aboriginal Flag pins because "any use of the Aboriginal Flags on badges or pins without consent of agreement is prohibited". 


GIfts Mate is owned by Ben Wooster. The same man who  owned Birubi Arts and that was fined $2.3 million dollars for importing fake Aboriginal art from Indonesia. Ben Wooster is also the part owner of WAM Clothing and has the exclusive world wide rights to produce the Aboriginal Flag on clothing as well. 


We are fighting to #FreeTheFlag and stop non-Indigenous people and companies profiting our love of the Aboriginal flag. The Aboriginal Flag is the only proclaimed national flag in the world in with a copyright.


We need your help! Please head to the Clothing The Gap Free The Flag Campaign to sign the petition, learn more about the movement and download a letter for your MP.