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Wellah Women Dangle Earrings *New*

Wellah Women Dangle Earrings *New*

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The'Wellah Women' dangle earrings celebrate Aboriginal women and were designed specifically as a gift for Aboriginal women participating in a Spark Health Women's Program. The symbols are representative of a woman with a digging stick, a tool traditionally used by women. In the background is the design of a possum skin cloak

These popular Wellah Women dangles are available in studs.


  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel hooks,.
  • Made in Australia from two-tone etched gold polymer plastic with a black backing.
  • Registered Australian Made and Aboriginal business.


  • Wellah Large Dangels Approx. 7.5 cm length, 4 cm width and 1.5 mm deep.
  • Wellah Medium Dangels Approx. 5 cm length, 3 cm width and 1.5 mm deep.