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Mirror Baby Possum Cloak

Mirror Baby Possum Cloak

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Possum Cloak Earrings 

These earrings were created especially for the ‘They Shield You’ exhibition at the Koorie Heritage Trust.

Possum skin cloaks have been made for thousands of years by Aboriginal Communities from across South Eastern Australia. A baby's first cloak was made at birth and more skins were added as the person grew to adulthood. Cloaks were an important trade item and were worn far and wide. In days gone by, cloaks were used in everyday life to keep warm, to sleep in and to carry our babies. Cloaks were and still are significant in ritual and ceremony and the designs on them, tell a story that maps the owner’s connection to Country, language and Clan. 

Today, we use these beautiful cloaks in both celebration and in remembrance. When adorning a possum skin cloak, it does feel like a modernday shield, protecting and connecting you.  However, in contemporary Australia, wearing a gorgeous possum skin cloak is not always practical so, my Possum Cloak earrings are your next go to! These statement possum earrings hang from your ear by their tail and on their back instead of fur enjoy the possum skin cloak designs from Gunditjmara artist, Laura Thompson.

Pop these possums in your ears to instantly feel like a queen and remember the history and power of possum skin cloaks. These Possum Cloak earrings will shield you!


  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel hooks.
  • Made in Australia from mirror acrylic.
  • Registered Australian Made and Aboriginal business.
  • Every order comes with a complimentary Koorie Circle custom gift tin.  

Each Possum earring measures 25mm in width and 60mm in length.

They are 3 mm deep.